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Waves of Awareness - WOA it's A Podcast

Feb 21, 2024

The Extended Option is offered by the Tennessee Early Intervention System to families who are eligible as a resource to extend the services they are receiving for their child with disabilities or developmental delays. This episode of Waves of Awareness welcomes Chelsey Herron to better understand what this means to families.

Along with Staci Davis, Gina Wilson, Matt Moore, and Eric Wilson, the group begins by hearing Chelsey's story. Chelsey's daughter, Hazel, received a diagnosis of Down Syndrome during pregnancy and began receiving services from Waves Early Learning not long after Hazel was born. Because of Covid, however, Hazel's first sessions were done through a screen (as many families were during this time). By the time Hazel was able to transition to in-person sessions, there were still many goals set for her. 

Chelsey answers questions from Matt, Eric, and Staci on how the Extended Option benefited her and why her family ultimately chose the Extended Option for Hazel. Gina Wilson also chimes in with her perspective on the Extended Option from the Director's position and witnessing how her family who has chosen this has benefited. Learn about the Extended Option in this week's episode and hear life updates from Matt and Eric!