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Waves of Awareness - WOA it's A Podcast

Feb 14, 2024

What is a Holistic Approach and how does it apply to Adult Services and Early Learning? This week's Waves of Awareness episode welcomes back Gina and Marci from the Waves Early Learning and Adult Services Departments to discuss how a Holistic Approach can positively impact the individuals Waves supports. Waves Development and Community Relations Director, Staci Davis, leads the table alongside Christy Webb, Eric Wilson, and Matt Moore to shed some light on Holistic Approaches and how it is incorporated into the services Waves offers. Learn about a person-centered approach to IDD and how looking at an individual as a whole can help them achieve their goals. Christy, Eric, and Matt share their own experience with Waves and what their favorite moments have been with Waves. Finish the episode by hearing our guests dream big and answer what everyone would do with Waves if money and resources weren't an issue!