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Waves of Awareness - WOA it's A Podcast

Oct 19, 2022

This week we have a very exciting guest on WOA! Waves is happy to introduce you to Amber Ferguson from Camp Southern Ground! Amber is the Inclusion Director for this incredible non-profit organization. Chris, Staci, and Trent had the pleasure of learning more about Amber and her journey to becoming such an important part of such an important non-profit. Camp Southern Ground was started by Zac Brown with the intention that children of all abilities could grow and learn from each other while experiencing the magic of the outdoors. CSG is so much more than an all-inclusive summer camp, they are also a haven for children of family members serving in the military, as was as a respite for active and veteran service members. Listen along to hear more about everything happening with CSG and how to get involved.

WOW – Eric Part 2. This week we learn more about Eric and his passion for music. He tells the unbelievable story of how Johnny Cash taught him how to play the guitar!

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