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Waves of Awareness - WOA it's A Podcast

Apr 10, 2024

Earlier this season Waves of Awareness welcomed Chelsey Herron on to discuss the Extended Option with the Tennessee Early Intervention System (TEIS). We heard from a mother's perspective and now we welcome Angie Sexton from TEIS to discuss the state's perspective on this week's episode! Stacie Davis, Jimmy Parnell, and Hannah Rose host Angie along with Waves Early Learning Director, Gina Wilson, and Waves Early Interventionist, Jen Choate, to chat about TEIS and how the Extended Option has impacted thousands.

The group first learns about Angie's background working with children and how her passion led her to TEIS. Working at TEIS, Angie is able to connect with the IDD community at a young age and help them find the resources that will support them long past childhood. Jimmy and Hannah take turns asking Angie what the Extended Option is and how TEIS has seen a significant increase in referrals over the past few years. The Extended Option allows children who began services with TEIS before the age of 3 to opt for the Extended Option if they would like to continue receiving services through TEIS until the start of the school year following the child’s 5th birthday. Angie, Gina, and Jen all share amazing success stories of families who chose the Extended Option and are now celebrating so many milestones achieved because they were able to continue receiving services. Listen to the full episode and learn about the Extended Option with TEIS!

To learn more about the Extended Option with TEIS follow the link here or contact Angie Section Directly at To learn about Early Learning services through Waves, follow the link here.