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Waves of Awareness - WOA it's A Podcast

Oct 12, 2022

This week's episode is all things early learning. This episode is full of pertinent information for any parent/caregiver looking for information on how to best support their child. Early Interventionists Gina Wilson, Jenn Choate, and Kate Harris join Eric Wilson, Johnny Sunshine, and Trent Denson to share more in-depth information about Early Learning and how developmental therapy works. The team discusses different developmental milestones parents/caregivers should look out for at different ages and how to seek support from TN Early Intervention System (TEIS). At Waves, developmental therapy (DT) can start as early as birth depending on the child. Services start with a referral through TEIS. Referrals can be made by doctors or caregivers. The team talks about what to look for in your child's developmental progress, how to talk to your doctor, and how to approach the TEIS referral process. If a doctor decides to "wait and see", our team suggests to "check and see". Getting into the TEIS process and developmental therapy are free to the family.

In addition to discussing milestones and the referral process, the team also shares the progression of developmental therapy and how it has changed over the last 35 years. From a classroom setting to receiving services in natural environments, developmental therapy has become a support tool for parents/caregivers as much as it is for the children being supported.

This week on Waves on Wheels you get to meet Eric! Eric is a longtime participant of Waves and has incredible stories to share. This will be Part One of Two segments diving into Eric’s world and his love for country music!

Links discussed in this episode:
TN Early Intervention System:
TEIS Referral Form:
Extended Options Information:

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