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Waves of Awareness - WOA it's A Podcast

Apr 3, 2024

Friends of Franklin Park's Development Director, Scout Hardin, joins this week's episode of Waves of Awareness. Staci Davis and co-host Matt Moore get to know Scout, how she came to build a relationship with the IDD community, and what Friends of Franklin Parks has in store for the future.

Scout shares her past working at a non-profit supporting adults with disabilities and how it educated her on the world of IDD in an amazing way. 

Having joined Friends of Franklin Parks in the fall of 2023, Scout has enjoyed connecting with the community and learning about the rich history associated with their parks.

Looking to the future, Friends of Franklin Parks has been undergoing their Ellie G project which will become the first inclusive playground in Franklin, Tennessee. The park will be in memory of Elliot Grace, who was born with Rhizomelic Chondrodysplasia Punctata (RCDP) and passed away at the age of 4 in 2019.

Ellie G received services through Waves and has continued to impact so many families and individuals, being an example of strength and joy. The group discusses how Ellie G's playground is progressing now and when we can hope to celebrate its opening. Listen to this week's and learn how parks impact the community and how Friends of Franklin Parks aims to create more that will help make an inclusive community. 

Listen to Waves of Awareness past episode with Elli G's mom here. To learn more about Friends of Franklin Parks and how you can get involved, follow the link here.