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Waves of Awareness - WOA it's A Podcast

Nov 16, 2022

Trent and Staci had the opportunity to sit down with rockstar, Audrey Kidd from Saddle Up! Audrey Kidd is a force to be reckoned with as the Executive Director for Saddle Up! Waves and Saddle Up! have the blessing of serving very similar populations. This organization is so much more than an incredible non-profit but is such a vital part of our population’s success stories.
Saddle Up! started as a dream and launched as a one-night-a-week program – in daylight and good weather only – for 10 students. Saddle Up! is now a year-round program that will serve nearly 180 children/youth this year. Saddle Up! is the oldest and largest program of its kind in the region, and the only one exclusively serving children and youth who have disabilities.
This episode includes the INCREDIBLE success story of Ephraim, a participant of Saddle Up! His story is truly something to be proud of and needs to be shared. Click on the link below to hear the touching testimonial, voiced by his own mother.
Saddle Up! Is always looking for volunteers/advisory board members/donations, etc. The link to their website, to get involved will also be included below. If you’re interested, please reach out!

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