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Waves of Awareness - WOA it's A Podcast

Jul 27, 2022

We have a very exciting episode this week! Kathleen Simcoe joins the podcast from Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum! Not only does she have an extensive job title but an incredible passion for our field. Listen along as Kathleen talks about her background in Special Education and Behavioral Analysis and how it led to her current dream career with Vanderbilt, making waves! Gina Wilson, Matt Moore, and Trent Denson (Spread the Positive) join us in this exciting conversation to talk about the overlap with Waves.


This podcast is made possible through partnerships with Spread the Positive, TN's Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and the Community Foundation of Middle TN. If you like what you hear, share it with a friend and leave a review on this streaming service. Got an idea for a guest, email us at