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Waves of Awareness - WOA it's A Podcast

Jul 13, 2022

We are so excited to have Laura Berry on this week’s episode! Laura is with the Tennessee Employment Pathways Project with Vanderbilt University. Listen along to hear about the difference she is making in the disability community through this research project. Gina Wilson takes part in the conversation and discusses her involvement with the project through being a mentor. Matt and Trent (Spread the Positive) catch up and learn more about the project as well.

Want to be a mentor or get involved? Please, check out the website

This podcast is made possible through partnerships with Spread the Positive, TN's Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and the Community Foundation of Middle TN. If you like what you hear, share it with a friend and leave a review on this streaming service. Got an idea for a guest, email us at